Saturday, December 28, 2013

We survived Christmas!

That's actually a pretty big accomplishment this year.  Here in Mid-Michigan we got hit with a pretty big ice storm (freezing rain for about 3 days) last weekend, and thousands of people were without power for Christmas.  Many still are in the dark, even though crews have been working around the clock and have come from other states to help.  I am so very grateful that we did not lose power at all.  I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but I say a little prayer of thanks every time I get on Facebook and see all the people still without power.  I'm especially grateful, since my Christmas present this year was FINALLY getting high-speed home internet!  We live in a very rural area, so until just the last few months, our only options for internet access were dial-up (yeah, right!), satellite (outrageous expensive and very limited), or 4G through our cell phones (slightly less expensive, still limited).  But Frontier finally got their act together and updated the phone lines, so now we get unlimited home internet.  I can finally stream movies!  No more purchasing movies from Redbox, because we rented something and never remembered to return it!  Plus we can now watch TV on our tablets, so the kids can watch Spongebob, and we don't have to suffer :)  I feel like we have finally joined the digital world.

Since that was my online present this year from my hubby, I've decided to borrow an idea from one of my favorite blogs, Hick Chic, and show you my virtual Christmas loot :)  Here's what Santa would have brought, if only I'd been good this year.

First, since I want just about everything from, a gift card - lets go with $500.  That should cover my wish list.  Might as well dream big, right?

And a Cute Cowgirl Collection of makeup from Cowgirl Dirt, cuz who doesn't want to be a cute cowgirl?

And this cute and practical gift set from Ranch Organics
to go with my new tub 
Photo: Dear Santa:
We want this under the tree this year.

A new pair of boots from Dusty Rocker Boots
Dusty Dahlia Brown Rose Boots Square Toe
with inlays in turquoise, coral, and leopard print.

I wonder how good I'll have to be to actually get some of these things next year?  At least Santa will know what I want ;)

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Heidi the Hick said...

Am I ever glad I stopped by, because I'd never heard of any of this wonderful stuff!!! Although now my wish list just got longer, hmmmm...! Fantastic new bath tub there too.

That ice storm was nasty. We got it too and apparently it crossed Ontario and Quebec and hit the ocean provinces too. We were lucky here at the farm and only lost power for a few hours. I'm actually not the self reliant farm girl I'd like to think I am!

Hope you're having a great Christmas season!