Sunday, July 24, 2011

All that reading is starting to pay off

Obviously I still haven’t found much time to write here.  I’ve barely found enough time to breathe lately.  I don’t know how I get SO busy, but I supposed I would probably get bored with life if I wasn’t going all the time.  It’s almost 4-H Fair time, so every last bit of free time I have has been sucked up with preparations for that – my club is 3 times bigger this year than last, and I had no idea it would be this much more work. 

But all my blog reading has paid off some – 4th of July weekend I actually got to meet one of the lovely ladies who keep me entertained :)  Addy, Taylor and I all went to a Northern Michigan Paint show, and Michelle of Homeschooling, Horses, and Motocross was there with her family.   I recognized her and her daughter (and of course their horse) right away, and I felt a little awkward just walking up and introducing myself to them, but they felt like friends already.  They were just as nice in person as they seem on the web.  Michelle was even kind enough to take some very awesome pictures of me and Addy in leadline and email them to me.  They are posted on her page here.   Hopefully I can make it to some more paint shows this year and hang out some more.

My second pay-off is the book I won from the Great Summer Reading Giveaway on Equestrian Ink.  I won my choice of books by Alison Hart just for leaving a comment.