Friday, May 27, 2011

Too much time reading.....

Not enough time writing.  When I decided to switch my blog from digital scrapbooking to horses and family, I added a bunch of horsey blogs to my Google Reader to get ideas.  Now I spend tons of time keeping up with all those blogs, and never sit down to write my own.  It's not that I don't have things to write about, I just don't have opportunity at the same time as the ideas.  But I really would like to be a part of this great community of bloggers, instead of just an internet lurker, so I'm going to try to actually post more, and even leave comments elsewhere. 

Cale was sick that weekend, so he stayed home with Dad while Addy and I went to the show and had a girls day with Taylor, her mom, and another 4-H girl who volunteered to be our groom.  Addy absolutely LOVED spending the day at a show with Mommy - that made me so happy!  She showed in leadline showmanship and horsemanship, and was all grins.




I didn't do too shabby myself for as little as I've ridden since last summer - I showed in 3 Western Pleasure classes, and while I didn't place in the two Sweepstakes classes, I did place in the regular age division class - 3rd out of a split class (I can't remember how many were in it).  I was happy with that.  Taylor showed in walk-trot, since it was her first show with Alex, and she was happy with how he did.  He was much more calm and relaxed than either of us expected him to be at the first show. 

Taylor and I both went to the first 4-H training show- it was a little cold, but overall WAY better weather than the first one last year.  I took first in most of my classes, and Taylor got first in showmanship - she's really put a lot of time into practicing and it shows.  I didn't get to go to the 4-H open show due to a rodeo, but Taylor went and ended up High-Point in 9-13.  She has really come a long way in less than a year - Alex really wasn't broke at all when she started on him, and while he's still a long way from finished, he's making good progress.  Now if the rain would just let up so I can ride - I'm planning on another show in a week.

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