Thursday, February 24, 2011

Am I ready for this?

Early in January when I mentioned for the nth time how much I would like to get back to some paint shows and finish out my mare's superior, my husband actually didn't get upset and complain about how he wishes I would do something with the horses that he would enjoy. He actually said Go ahead, but i'm not coming. That's okay, I've got my minion (the 4-H kid using my horse). So with his okay, and the minion's encouragement, I actually went ahead and pre-ordered stalls for an open show this weekend. Its supposed to be a fuzzy show, and I hope they mean it, cuz my horse is FUZZY. That's what happens when they spend the winter in a snow-filled pasture. I've ridden 4 or 5 times in the last 2 months, and the only riding I've done in the last two weeks is 20 minutes today, bareback with just a halter. Am I crazy or what? But I've paid for the stall (2, minion is riding also), the farrier, and the coggins test, so I have to go. I know my horse will be exactly the same as she always is. I just hope there aren't too many slick-coated horses from heated barns. I'm just going for fun and practice, so by the time the paint shows get here, I wont be so rusty anymore.
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