Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rodeo Finals

Another rodeo season is over - this past weekend was the finals for the National Little Britches Rodeo Association of Michigan, held at Tyler's Arena in Ovid.  My kids competed, but I doubt they understood the concept of "finals".  They were just having fun like they always do.  They have really gotten into it in the last few months, and have asked to get more gear and to actually practice a little bit.  They love being just like the big kids more than anything. 

DSCN0635   DSCN0646DSCN0516

They really enjoyed getting to go out in the arena for the grand entry this time, and hearing their names called.

 DSCN0643 DSCN0650

And of course, Cale thinks he's pretty hot stuff because he rides sheep


Addy is happy with any excuse to ride her "Baby Cookie"


Art and I both enjoy the fact that we get to participate with them and bond with them through a sport and a lifestyle we both love (it is how we met, after all.

DSCN0616 DSCN0620 Probably the biggest benefit of it all, though, is the sportsmanship that they're learning.  Rodeo is a pretty tight-knit family, and Little Britches is no different.  The kids all cheer each other on and help each other out.  A perfect example came when Cale was watching another little boy practice his roping - he kept missing, and Cale said "he doesn't have a glove, he needs a glove," and he took his off and handed it to the kid (who caught on the very next throw!)  That's a life lesson that will last.