Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So busy, but at least its horsey

The last several weeks have been so busy I had trouble keeping track of what day it was.  But I've gotten to spend plenty of time horseback (at least compared to recent years), so I'm okay with the busy if that's the reason.  The weather has tried hard to stop me from enjoying my horsey time, but it hasn't succeeded yet. 

The first weekend in May, I was supposed to meet several friends from college to go trail riding - all but one chickened out because the forecast called for rain.  The two of us went anyways, even though it was still raining when we left home.  But when we got to the state park, the sun came out, and we had a beautiful, dry 3 hour ride. 

I didn't get a chance to ride again until Thursday, the day before the 4-H training show (my first show in 2 years with Annie).  And of course, when I got her out of the pasture, I noticed that one of her front shoes, just put on the week before, was VERY loose.  Thank goodness my farrier happened to be in the area, and he stopped by and fixed it that night!  The day of the show, the weather struck again, bringing thunderstorms and pouring rain that caused all the but one of my 4-H kids to cancel coming to the training show that night.  But I had been planning on going for several weeks, and I wasn't bailing out, so I loaded up and left while it was still raining.  Thankfully it was a "no show clothes allowed" show, so I didn't have to worry that anything would get ruined.  And we got to ride indoors, even though it was a small arena, it was dry.  A few brave souls still showed up (the thunderstorms let up just in time), and we all had lots of fun.  Here's a slide show of pics from the night.

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