Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog Refresh & Back in the Saddle

I finally went ahead and deleted all my old posts so I can give this space a little better direction.  I've been spending all my blogging time updating events on my other blog, MichiganHorseEvents, and I really want to write a little about what I'm doing with my horses and my kids.  I went to the MSU 4-H Benefit Clinic last weekend, and it really got me pumped up to get back in the show ring, and to get my 3-year-old daughter in there with me.  I even picked up a matching pair of shirts for lead-line at the tack sale.  They both need some repairs and alterations, but it's a start.  Addy and Cale both did some Little Britches rodeos last summer, and absolutely loved it, but I'm not ready to give up my own competition, so hopefully they will enjoy showing just as much.  My hubby won't be thrilled since he's not crazy about the horse show scene.  He wants us to find something else that the whole family, including him, can enjoy with the horses, but every time I try to get him out to ride, he's got work or hunting, or he's just too tired.  I actually got out and rode yesterday in the 6 inches of snow.  I really want to get my 4 year old filly, Molly (A Special Lullaby), going and start showing her this year.  I rode her a little bit last year, but didn't really put much time on her because she's so tiny.  She's still only about 14h now, and she's very petite, so she looks like a yearling.  She's not likely to grow much more either.  But she's got good bloodlines, and a great mind, so she will hopefully make a good horse for Addy (who's tiny for her age too).  Another reason I want Addy to start showing instead of barrel racing, because one thing I doubt Molly will be any good at is speed events!


Amberpony Creates said...

Ah That Is So Cool!!!
Gotta Love Riding in the Calming Clean Snow!
Good Luck In The Show Ring Especially the Lead Line Class

PaintCrazy said...

Good job on the "new and improved" blog! Love your spotted ponies too - we are Paint fans too.

Have you considered doing Paint shows? Last year was our fist year showing Paint after doing various 4-H, Open and Pinto shows and we loved it! We were so sure it was going to be cold and intimidating but we made great friends and had a blast.